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 Mesnoth Turn #10

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PostSubject: Mesnoth Turn #10   Tue Aug 04, 2009 12:04 am

Gamemaster's Post
Mesnoth Turn # 10

Reserved Points: 1 Maintaining crytal aura, -1 Altar Rituals

Faith: 32 (0 +33-2)
Fear: 4 (0+4)

Pop by village:
Mesina: 195 (capital)
Mesarai: 250
Nesarith: 30
Ethesa: 30
Seveda: 30
Weverly: 30
Pacifists in Marsh: 28
Total: 593

Technology Known: Weaving Bowls/Plates/Mats, primitive farming (mansa, manboo, rice, and yams), Swimming, Woven mat cottages and pontoon cottages/walls, Reed fish traps, woven canoes and pontoons, Manboo spears, chamber pots, dried fertilizer, basic cooking, basic clay (tiles, pinch pots, plates, red and black glaze)

Rituals Known: Male\Female Sacrifice Rituals, Altar Creation Ritual, scarring hook ritual, Teleportation bamboo back scar ritual


The Altar at Mesina, a crystal slab six foot long, 2 foot wide, and 2 foot tall where the people make sacrifices of meat and grain to the god.

Mock Altars: 5 mock altars that look like the one at messina but were created by the alter creation ritual located at the villages Mesarai, Nesarith , Ethesa, Seveda, and Weverly, plus one swamp altar for the pacifists

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PostSubject: Re: Mesnoth Turn #10   Thu Sep 10, 2009 4:36 am

Gamemaster's Post

And then there came the years of chaos, anarchy, and war. The years of death, destruction, and terror. Mesnoth came to his people like a reaper coming to harvest manboo in season with a ritual of pain and blood to take the people for his own.

He swept into the minds of the elders like the river in flood and many of them died from the shock of the images he brought. Others swore that it could not be Mesnoth but some demon coming to trick the people. They fled and organized defense against what they called the new heresy.

Yet those who took part in the rituals of blood and pain gained great power, and the design was very pretty when it was done. Many who did not believe Mesnoth would bring such a thing to the people fled into the marshes or to other villages, and many more died fighting to remain free and true to the old ways of peace and joy.

Yet the new ways were true ways and the troops of Mesina and Mesarai were able to enter into each rebelling village at their altar and soon "consoladated" every settlement under the rule of a new "High council"; composed of the 12 oldest and wisest people from all the villages . . . at least those that were willing to accept the new order. Those who didn't . . . well the old are so very fragile . . .

Under the new order we prosper. Food and goods from each village travel quickly and efficiently from place to place, as do organized bands of hunters to help keep the peace, and of course regular hunters who can now instantly bring their kills to market. Some pacifists still hold out in the swamp with their own altar, but so long as they don't make trouble they are easilly ignored.
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Mesnoth Turn #10
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