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 Registration Sheet

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PostSubject: Registration Sheet   Sat Jan 07, 2012 8:26 pm

Here is a copy of the registration sheet we are currently using for people to copy and send to me:


(1) What name will your deity go by during this round?

(2) Please give at least three examples of terrain you'd enjoy having in your area.

(3) If you could would you please give us some ideas about the sort of people you want in your area?

(4) Would you like to give us any information about your god and his/her/it's initial plans for this game?

(5)Please design a combination of colors, smells, sounds, or shapes that represent your deities power.

(6) Do you need to perform you birth action before the game starts? If so what do you have in mind? If not skip this question.
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Registration Sheet
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