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PostSubject: Registration - Vadalin   Registration - Vadalin EmptySun Jan 08, 2012 9:13 pm


(1) What name will your deity go by during this round?


(2) Please give at least examples of terrain you'd enjoy having in your area.

I was hoping to have a tribal village of some sort in my area, I am hoping a warm climate now since this is a game where things are slightly out of my control I am hoping to have either a tropical Asian climate or just a simple African plains or even a south american tropical climate.

(3) If you could would you please give us some ideas about the sort of people you want in your area?

Tribal,mostly they know how to hunt farm and fish, but just simple things they are people with a simple economy and really open to influence. Kinda like the Aztecs or even the early Indians.

(4) Would you like to give us any information about your god and his/her/it's initial plans for this game?

Yes this god is simply woken up with one revelation, he is earth. My God will portray himself as the planet and he wants to direct the human civilization.He will make them a shamanistic rule with ritualistic effects.

(5)Please design a combination of colors, smells, sounds, or shapes that represent your deities power.

When my god arrives in any area the area is filled with a strong scent of Exotic flowers.

(6) Do you need to perform you birth action before the game starts? If so what do you have in mind? If not skip this question.

My birth action will come after my communication action.
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PostSubject: Re: Registration - Vadalin   Registration - Vadalin EmptyThu Jan 19, 2012 9:28 am

ok, we have talked a bit about your birth action, the afterlife citidel with guardian golems and connecting doorway network. i am not sure how much if any this concept has changed since we last talked. could you please right up a basic summary of the idea, and you and i can get the details hashed out on here?
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PostSubject: Re: Registration - Vadalin   Registration - Vadalin EmptyFri Feb 10, 2012 3:15 pm

Ok I will first take and turn my afterlife area into a city that is more of a trading center and temple. There will be 100 golems to guard the city. The city will have 1000 Gateways, large enough to pull full carts or even an eighteen wheeler through. Let us break it down slowly.

1. The Gateways: The gateways are Large Arches in the physical world that connect that world to the "Temple of Vadalin". There are specific rules that are connected to these doors. Only true believers may pass through, and a true believer is someone that worships only me as a god. He may have knowledge of other gods and may accept thier existance but, they may not worship them. If someone is worshipping another god inside of the temple the doors will not let them enter the temple after they leave. If they ever want to re-enter then they have to renounce all other gods and pronounce me as the one true god. They also have the ability to heal all the true believers that pass through, they purify whatever passes. By purify I mean anything not natural that is infecting the worshipper making them in perfect health. These gates can only be opened or closed from the inside, by me. To close a gate is simple but to open it, it takes either 2 full turns or an extreamly large amount of power. If the stone arch that creates the gateway in the physical relm is destroyed the gateway is blocked in the temple and therefore closed untile it can be magicaly repaired.

2. The Golems: The Guardians of the city. They are powerful 7 foot tall human shaped clay golems that patrol the entire temple. They have a regenerative ability and can mold into any shape they want. They are not sentient living beings they are more of a programed defence system. They are programed to destroy any forgien contaminent. Any person inside the temple that is not a true believer will be found and thrown out of the nearest gate.

3. The City: The City is called a temple because it is a temple. There are three levels to the temple, which is called Ankh-Morpork, and the levels are as noted. First level is the called Traders Commons, this is the place where people will live and trade in there markets. The people that are allowed to live in the temple are monks people that devoted thier lives to learning and teaching others the way of Vadalin and expanding the Vadrin empire. The second level is the Heart of Knowledge. This is the place that all the knowledge of the empire aquires and all the laws of the religion are made. This place only the monks of Vadalin are allowed to enter ever, people of the common world are not allowed to enter here and the entrence to the level is in the very center of the city in a spiral staircase that is large and extravagent made out of clear emeralds. The second level could be best described as a giant library. The third level or The Shadow of Vadalin, is the level that allows the high priests to communicate with me personaly. The most powerful and dedicated of the religion may come here and address my avatar with problems of the city and world. My avatar is a 10 foot golem that is decorated with lines of energy that eminate all over his body in a bright green pattern. The place consists of one large chamber with a circular table that is a giant ring that circles around the center stairs. The table starts at either end of the Throne that my avatar sits in and circles the room sitting up to 50 people and when it comes all the way around there is an opening that allows the high priests to enter the outer ring to sit down. The upkeep for the city is paid through the souls that go to the afterlife, in the religion it is stated that they are made one with thier lord and become the backbone of the city, in reality they are being used to pay for the upkeep for the city.

I believe I answered everything and explained all things in full detail is there anything else that you need to know?
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Registration - Vadalin
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