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 Notes On the Orempyk

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Notes On the Orempyk

~Combat Values~
This race was created as part of the great goddess Arachnia's birth action and as her children they have special protections against the ravages and blessings of foreign deities.

Security VS Transformation/Genetic Engineering 600
Stealth VS targeting by enemy spells/effects (does not interfere with sight/viewing effects): 200

~Starting Psionic Package~
This section details the psionic powers granted to these people by their goddess at the dawn of the gods, and the cost to the gods taken in exchange for this gift

Power level: (500) [from birth action], slots (2), Powers (3), Faith Reduction (38%)

Description of Psionic Powers

[Plant Sense is a passive ability similar to empathy which allows a member of the species to know the state of health of a given plant, if it's getting enough water, enough minerals, enough sunlight, or if the plant is in some way diseased]

[Accelerated growth allows the individual possessing it to cause a given plant to grow at a vastly accelerated rate, with practice the person can even isolate what type of growth such as growth of stem/trunk, ripening of fruit, or growth of branches. The default is of course simply accellerated aging of the plant. It should be noted that over use of this ability can quickly wear out the soil as the plant needs more resources to grow and there is less time for the soil to renew itself through natural processes.]

[Plant Shaping allows the individual to chart out how a plant will grow, causing it to sprout limbs where it normally wouldn't, or to grow those branches into a specific shape it otherwise would not have had. A member with plant shaping can also tell if the plant has already been shaped and what the shape will be, and then alter or add onto that shaping.]

~Description Of The Race~

The face is bald, the ears slightly pointed, and the skin is a dark grey with red markings. Four vertical pairs of round black eyes are evenly spaced around the front of the skull giving them an extremely wide range of vision. The mouths appear to be lipless slits, but open extra wide and contain two rows of teeth, sharp front teeth for biting and tearing, and flat back teeth for crunching chewing. They also have a long, very strong, tongue. This face gives them slightly better hearing than a human, and 300 degrees of vision. Their top eyes all see depth and heat, while their lower eyes see color and texture. This makes for a race that is mostly nocturnal as they receive much more "light" during the day through multiple eyes unless they "squint" by closing some of them which leaves holes in their vision or contracts their peripheral vision dramatically, they also lose the better 3d focus, and are reduced to human level color vision in such an instance. Even worse on hot days they may have to close all of their heat eyes and thus lose an entire layer of "color", like you suddenly only seeing in bad black and white.

Moving downwards . . . Aside from being grey with red markings the torso however is fully human down to the waist. However here the race takes a truly strange turn. Instead of ending in human hips and legs they have three "hips" each with a pair of large heavily build "arms" and "hands" extending down from them. These arms are as long and as strong as legs might be, but they definitely are arms with hands. The people walk on these hands grasping the trunks and branches of trees, or rocks, and can run at high speeds. Vertebrae between each pair of "hips" lets this lower body bend and twist gracefully as the creature runs over rocky ground, or even along a thick branch.

The people as a whole are a bit heavier than a human due to the extra limbs and lower body between them, weighing about as much as a leopard on average. Most individuals weigh between 200 and 250 pounds, with larger individuals reaching 300 pounds, and truly large specimens on the open plain reaching up to 400 pounds. This puts them in range with most of the big cats, somewhere between the Leopard and the Tiger in actual weight class as unlike humans they tend to actually be healthy at these weights, though the 400 pound specimen may have some severe health problems later in life. Their lower arms are fragile, like the legs of a horse, but allow them to run really fast, climb very well, and with precision leap long distances between trees, rocks, or over open ground.
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Notes On the Orempyk
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