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 Player Notes

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PostSubject: Player Notes   Tue Feb 14, 2012 2:12 pm

~Player Notes~
This is a section set up for the player to take notes on their ideas and how they think their turns may progress. It may be a mess, or an interesting adjunct to reading the actual turns later depending on how well, and if, the players keep their records.
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PostSubject: Re: Player Notes   Tue Feb 14, 2012 9:32 pm

This is a short description of the mythology I'm going to try for.

Charlotte -------------------Charlemagne Level A Gods creators of all things created most powerful of all. Parents to level B gods

Level B gods- the children of level A gods and except for Godric parents of Level C gods Less powerful than their parents they specialize in broad categories. that sometimes overlap for example stars would fall into both Anders and Duncan’s territory. these overlaps usually lead to great collaborations but may on rare occasions lead to god squabble with each other..

1.Godric -Father of humanity and god of all unpredictability, chaos and insanity. currently locked in the moon (see below for story)

2.Clarabelle- goddess of the sky

3.Clarence- god of the earth

4.Elspeth- goddess of time

5. Molly- goddess of water

6.Anders- god of fire

7.Ambrose-god of communication (This includes language and art in all its forms.)

8.Bridget- goddess and guardian of humanity

9.Duncan- god of all that lies beyond the sky.( outer space)

10.Beatrix- goddess of plants

11.Egbert- god of animals

Level C gods are children of the level B gods and parents to supernatural creatures the least powerful of all the gods they are highly specialized, there could be an infinite number of level C gods. some include-

Leonard -god of the dimwitted
leona -goddess of pebbles
Axel-god of bolder
Idabelle- goddess of melody
Joel -god of the hippos
Johannes-god of the hunt

Supernatural creatures are the children of Level C gods and are more powerful than humans but not gods

The story of humanity
Godric the eldest son of Charlotte and Charlemagne was insane from the time he came into his power (divine puberty)and unlike his siblings who mated among themselves and produced the level C gods he would go to the earth and mate with all kinds of beasts when the moon was full. It was from this that humans were born. Half god half beast humans far surpassed the beasts of the world but even the great of humans was in a state of perpetual divine early childhood (in human terms about the equivalent of a four year old God ) not only that but the human life span was shockingly short compared to the immortal Gods. Godric as was stated is insane and would set all sort of misfortune after his children and their descendents. His parents and siblings seeing his barbaric treatment of his helpless children decided that his behavior could not be tolerated and together they captured and sealed him in the moon for as long as the sun still burned. Then Charlotte and Charlemagne entrusted guardianship of humanity to their youngest and kindest daughter Bridget.
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PostSubject: Re: Player Notes   Tue Mar 13, 2012 12:50 pm

Homer god of story telling Level C.
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PostSubject: Re: Player Notes   

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Player Notes
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