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 Mu Turn #0

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PostSubject: Mu Turn #0   Mon Feb 27, 2012 1:31 am

Mu Turn #0
This sheet records important details about your Deity.

Energies like order, chaos, or primal are terribly alien to the gods nature and swallowing them can alter the deities makeup. We call this sort of permanent alteration corruption, and if a player ever has 100 points of corruption in a single type of energy his deity becomes an entity controlled by the game's staff. Over time deities who drink a lot of these types of energy can also gain tolerance allowing them to handle more and more energy with less and less risk of corruption.



Max Drank

This segment is meant to hold links to any active deals effecting your deity. All deals are subject to review once every five turns and may be altered at some later date, in the meantime they give you benefits and problems outside the purview of the normal game rules.


Thaumatic Energy Stored & Total Upkeep
This section shows your current amount of stored thaumatic energy

[Hope, Fear, and acceptance will start arriving on turn one]


Dedicated Banks
This entry is meant to hold ritual points that have been dedicated to specific tasks. Points in these banks can only be used for those tasks.


This contains links to the other posts listed within this turn so that you can easily navigate between them using the forward and back buttons on their browser rather than needing separate tabs open at all times. Player actions should always start below this post.


We don't know anything much about Mu yet. The Game has just begun and we are eager to meet this player.

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PostSubject: Re: Mu Turn #0   Mon Feb 27, 2012 2:44 am

We talked a little bit about your birth action concept during your registration. Obviously now that you can get a real look at your area things may change but I want to summarize your proposed action here, and make sure we are on the same page. Then I have some questions for you.

From what I understand you want to make an underground world. The initial cavern is to go under the biggest mountain, though you may choose to move it now that you've seen the area. It will have vents for air, and rivers/natural springs within it. Inside this area a special moss grows in shaded areas that has the property of giving off "sunlight" so that plants can grow and people can live here in good health. This moss sends out spores to colonize any crack and shadow it can find, but it's unable to survive contact with actual, real, sunlight on the surface, the moss also dies within 24 hours if it is separated from the dirt/rock it grows on so it can't simply be kept forever in a glass jar providing lighting for someones house.

Within range of the moss spores you have an "aura of peace" going on which calms people down and makes it hard for them to really lose their temper, perhaps combined with some sort of empathy that forces people who harm others to feel and understand that harm, thus promoting peace. But not preventing them from killing a rabbit or cave bat for food, or forcing them to stay forever in the cave in some sort of stupor dying of starvation or thirst.

You are also having a call set up to pull the "right kind of people", peaceful folks, down into your caverns if they enter a cave that is colonized by the moss. This call also goes out in a hundred mile radius any time a tunnel or cave opens up to the surface for the first time, and (of course) the first time you throw down this birth action and set up that first entrance into "your world". Also you can spend power to send out a call from any opening at any time but it'll cost a lot to do so, say 500 acceptance per call/opening.

In addition to this you want to mark a leader by giving him an unlimited life span and making him have glowing pure blue eyes. This lasts until he gets so frail and weak an accident or sheer old age kills him, or until he leaves the cave system or ceases to be the sort of person who is kind and puts the welfare of others above his own, at which point the eyes and lifespan will jump to the kindest and most giving of your current lot of worshipers within the cave, whoever that may be.

If all that is right then I have some questions:

  1. Suppose that some player does something to alter the temperature of the globe, like a massive endless storm, or simply an attempt to make their own area more habitable. Suddenly the glaciers and permafrost in your area begin to melt and water starts flooding the caverns. How is it handled?
  2. Going the opposite direction lets say the ice age returns and your entrances are covered under a glacier, what would you do?
  3. Your area is tectonically active, and you mentioned volcanic vents to heat your world, how do you handle earthquakes, poisonous fumes, etc . . .
  4. Plant life from the surface starts to colonize your world rather quickly, perhaps brought in by the people . . . how big are the spaces your initially making for this life. Is there room for grass to grow and big creatures to roam, is there room for trees to grow, or for sheep, goats, pigs, etc . . . to be brought in and live wild within the tunnels.
I'm basically trying to get an idea of how your expecting emergencies that would poison, drown, or crash down your little world to be handled, and if you have any sorts of protections in place/if so how those might work. Also how your world interacts naturally with the world above as life starts to try to colonize it.
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PostSubject: Re: Mu Turn #0   Sat Mar 10, 2012 1:31 pm

[log of online conversation with player, green posts are mine, cyan are the words of the great god MU!]

your turns been posted for a bit if you missed it. Lots of questions with it still on your birth action, mostly about how your protecting the "sanctuary" from the hostile players that are around you and weird events that sometimes happen in a game like this.

sorry...... built in water drainage channels into the underground water system..... ventilation shafts for gases to pass out safely, and i'll be strengthening my defenses over time but for now i'm relying on the peace affect...

I'd strongly recommend strengthening the birth action you may not realize how close you are to the most dangerous players in the game yet, but I can say that as it stands the peace effect is more of a speed bump on the road towards your eventual extinction.

if necessary i can also modify some underground root systems to absorb harmful gases and expell them into the outer world through the plants above ground..... but thats a larger project
It's a birth action so lets think large. That sounds like a good start, I'd also suggest using those "roots" to help support the walls and roof in case of earthquake, and to drain water in case of flooding.
well i've said over and over again that i'm willing to make deals to enhance it and make the peace affect into a much more potent force but nothings ever been thrown my way..

that works...... we could even tie everything together into the moss network
have the moss absorb the gases and pass it into the root network to be released by plants or even trees above ground..
I like that, so less of a real world type moss, and more a living rubber support skeleton that covers things, and reaches out as a root network to help with climate control mechanism, with special trees above ground to provide it with an "outlet"

right.... but those special tree's should appear mostly normal and indigious to the area they are in..
a lot of my defense is going to be keeping my people as hidden as possible..

Remember this is an open game so your neighbors are reading your turns, good players will pretend not to know until they "in character" see something fishy and find out, but not everyone is a good player.
So we'll want to add to the things some stealth values, specifically against determining the "real" nature of your trees.
Also probably your openings to the surface as well.

the other kinda things i could think of........ hmmm.... how about some kinda thorn vine tied into the moss network that detects overpowering agression and shoots out thorns at the target that contain a potent neorotoxin?


Some sort of sleep effect or paralization?

paralyzation....... and the potency of the agression controls how many are shot....... so the more agressive something is the more like it's going to be shot with enough toxin to cause it to have complete neural shutdown.... including sessation of breathing..

sounds workable.

another possibility is having the pollon from the peace affect have a secondary ability...... i'm thinking maybe an emp pulse?

Ah something to stop machinery, that would limit you as well, but again workable, it would limit how you could be attacked.Have to make it a specialized one though so it doesn't mess with the brains of your people.

Also would be affective against people in metal armor..... if an electrical pulse went rhough the polon network the more metal something has on it the more zapped it's gonna get...

That would limit how much metal YOU can use, and being underneath the himalayas and perhaps the tibetan plateau metal is going to be a resource you have in spades for an underrground empire.
So I'd probably suggest limiting that side effect so as not to shoot yourself in the foot.

lol how about this....... limit the effect to the tunnel networks...... but kpee it out of the caverns and population centers...
sounds good. Speaking of that, how big do you want those to be, do you want starting caverns big enough to hold some of the big game animals from the plains above, if so you'll want to be below the plateau rather than one of the taller, but smaller, mountains that surround it.

lol couldn't you just give me mount everest [Wink]

Everest might be nearby, the plateau is bigger, I have to look up whether everest is on the eastern or western side of tibet to see if it's in your area, if it's in the east it's yours.
\if i recall correctly that is in that region [Wink]

it's right on the boarder between tibet and china
wait..... mybe it's india and tibet.... can't remember

india, I just looked it up, it just over your border. LOL
Nobody can say I didn't give you some of the highest mountains on earth though.
Everest is literally JUST over the border, maybe a few hundred miles west of you at the southern edge of it's square.


anyways..... i gotta go to bed...

k, I'll transfer this to your forum so it's written in I know how hard it is for you to actually post right now, but if it isn't written it isn't counted. I may offer the same service to vish for his super post. lol
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PostSubject: Re: Mu Turn #0   Sat Mar 10, 2012 1:57 pm

So in summary,if I am understanding correctly here is the current deal is something like this:

Mu is going to get a large tunnel and cavern system based under the largest mountain in his area probably Kangchenjunga, and eastward down under the tibetan plateau and upwards into the mountain itself. It will have tunnels near the surface, and then further down larger caverns that can/will house viable ecosystems based on the areas above. After it's initial creation Mu will depend on miners to expand the area and connect it to other caves and tunnels. He wanted Everest but it isn't there, will look into creating some larger mountains maybe with the excavated dirt and/or altering the area layout to make things work better... we'll see what I can do.

Inside the tunnels the entire area is held up by a supporting latice of thick rubber like moss. This "moss lattice" stretches out into the mountain connecting magically to "trees" on the surface which serve as hidden venting ducts to take out excess water, nasty gasses, and exess heat, while also bringing back up heat from far below to maintain an even temperature in the tunnel/cavern itself even if the area around it is molten lava or icy mountaintop near the edge of space.

Inside this moss area are hidden stinging thorns that shoot out in numbers at people who behave or think violently, injecting people with neurotoxin; the amount of the toxin ranging depending on the strength of the hostility varying from simply knocking you out, to paralizing you, to causing death by suffocation due to paralization of the lungs/heart. The moss reacts to people harming one another, so you can still kill a rabbit or a mammoth, or a cave bat, but if you decide to hit joe with a club and force yourself on his wife . . . it's stinger time!

Inside this latice naturally grows a smaller more normal "magical" moss that glows with a light like the sun. This moss propagates via airborn spores carried by the wind and grow anywhere that has little light, or lots of shadows, too much light retards it's growth, and actual sunlight destroys it. This moss sends out spores that spread via wind and spread it throughout the connected cavern areas. Below where the moss grows there are overlapping cones of peace. Within these cones people can feel any harm they do to others and are calmed down, it becomes hard to become really angry, confused, etc . . . and it's easy to think rationally and consider your actions with care. The cones most likely completely cover the smaller caverns and tunnels, though there may be areas not covered in the largest caverns where mastodon roam on the enclosed plains.

It has been clarified that the peace effect is magical, not a drug, and effects any sentient being. It also is not something that will prevent you from hunting a rabbit or a mastadon, it won't even prevent you from killing another person, it just means you fully understand what your doing and feel that creature or person's pain while doing it. People won't enter the cavern and suddenly become all dopey and not want to leave, or eat, or something stupid like that.

Whenever a new opening connects to the surface a call will go out within a hundred mile radius around the opening. This call will draw forth anyone who fits your criteria for "settlers of mu" down into the cave system. Anyone who fits the bill and stumbles into the caverns will also receive "the call" and be drawn down into the depths. You can spend points to call as well using the cave mouths as a focus for your power at 10% of what it would normally cost for another god to do the same sort of trick.

In addition to this you want the most caring person, the one who wants to help others the most to be marked by you with glowing blue eyes and an endless lifespan. You can see through this persons eyes at all times, and if anything unusual happens to him or her you get an interrupt. Should the person cease to put the welfare of others above his or her own age falls upon them instantly and the mantle of the chosen one falls upon the next worshiper in line.

In addition the most potent defense you have is secrecy from other gods. A stealth effect is linked to the cave entrances. It doesn't hide them, but makes them easy to overlook, and it's hard to pin down if there are useful resources like metal or stone within. Given a chance a "gather information" effect will pick up another, unconnected cave that meet the right criteria even if yours is closer. A similar effect is placed on the call. It doesn't stop a watcher from seeing people leave but makes their wandering seem inconsequential and makes it easy to overlook a single disappearance or two. A whole village vanishing would show up on the radar of a watching god, but it would show up after they were gone, and it would be hard to pinpoint where they went unless they were a worshiper. Note this only effects gather information abilities, not targeting with spells or actually seeing them through the eyes of another worshiper. Thus making it a more limited effect and giving you a bit of a bonus to the points you put into it, but leaving it with some holes and a lot more subtlety.

(finally getting around to pricing this)

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PostSubject: Re: Mu Turn #0   Sun Mar 18, 2012 12:30 pm

not bad....
pateintly awaiting the results of turn zero [Wink]

Lol, you have things still to do there. I wasn't even sure you'd read the turn yet.

lol i read the turn.... we talked, i answered your questions and it never went much further than that

I think we have your birth action down fairly well, but you haven't used your communication action yet to prepare people for the call, also I don't know what people your going to choose. You have three widely spread out people.

Are you going to have openings near each one?

ehhhhh....... if i can....

You sure can. Do you want each opening connected together or different areas growing to connect together for each of the three cultures?

not sure i understand the question

You've got a huge area, 2,560,000 square miles in your area, and three different cultures live there. One in the east in a valley with silk, one in the southern mountains hunting goats and sheep and such, and one on the tibetan plateau hunting mammoth.

What I was asking was if you were having separate openings in each of those regions, and if all of them led to a single connected cavern/tunnel system spanning ost of the area, or were smaller separate tunnel complexes.

well if they are all peace seekers and they damned well better be [Wink] then having the openings leading back into a primary cavern shouldn't be an issue

got it.

as for a communication action..... i'd assumed my initial call was that communication action...
so if it's not then i of course appear tell them who i am and give them the spiel about peace and harmony and all that jazz
and then makr my leader guy [Wink]
errr mark

The call is part of your birth action, it just pulls people in like a fishing line and makes them feel welcome. But if they don't know who you are or anything about you, and there is nobody to tell them then . . . how can they worship you as they live in the nice comfy caves?

does that cover it or do i need to go more into detail?

sorry..... i've been up and very busy working for a long time so my mind isn't at full efficiency right now


Appearing and giving the speil about peace works, you'll want to describe what you look like so we can describe you properly, and you'll need to pick just one or two groups to appear to, we've limited it to 50 people, and up to two groups maximum for strategic reasons.

ummmmm i wasn't expecting to have a bunch of people to begin with.... i was just gonna appear to whoever made their way into the cavern...

basicly wait for a chunk to get together in the main cavern and then pop in and give the spiel

lol. With three openings you'll probably get a good number of people coming down to begin with. It's a hostile world out there. The mammoth hunters are pushed up against the wall of ice age extinction and know it, the silk guys fight amongst themselves, and the mountain folks were pushed into this area seeking refuge from invaders further west.

ok..... so i'll appear to just the first 50 who make their way into the main cavern

That works. You have some ability to control who shows so we can do a "destiny" option to make sure it includes people from all three cultures and that they figure out how to work together. I'd also suggest you use the teaching option to teach a member of each group a point or two of the others language to help them start communicating.

sure..... we can go with that [Wink]

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PostSubject: Re: Mu Turn #0   

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Mu Turn #0
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