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 Vadalin Demographics Turn#0

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PostSubject: Vadalin Demographics Turn#0   Vadalin Demographics Turn#0 EmptyThu Mar 22, 2012 9:51 pm

The Society Page
Standard Info For This Sheet

~The Ghenshe~

The Ghenshe are a very nomadic culture. Their ancestors came from the west long ago. The travel much like the native Americans did in the Americas, following herd animals, using portable tents. They are a loose collection of family groupings. each group travels separate from the others. They do run into each other randomly, and each year after the monsoon rains have ended all meet at the sacred fields for a few weeks to trade, exchange stories, and get wives from other family groups. They are skilled hunter/gatherers.

Previous Turns Population N/A / Current Turns Fatality Rating N/A
Total number Who Lived Between Turns: N/A
Total Number Of Deaths between Turns: N/A
Current Turns Population: 666

10% Elders
The elders form the councils, and guide the different tribe, and interpret the universe through the viewpoint of animal influences.

40% hunting males
Once they reach adulthood, the males are trained how to hunt, from a young age they learned stealth, now they really get learning, and join the men on real hunts.

40% woman
Their job is to raise children, cook food, and make babies. They also are very skilled in the medical plants

10% kids
Little tykes up to the age of 12, being raised, and learning their roles and responsibilities.

~The Hisar~
The hisar have settled along a very long river, and have permanent settlements, buildings. They are surviving by fishing, and the beginings of early farming. They are many families lving/ along the coast, fishing and farming using early boats. The families get along alright, and are led by a council of elders.

Previous Turns Population n/a / Current Turns Fatality Rating N/A
Total number Who Lived Between Turns: N/a
Total Number Of Deaths between Turns: N/a
Current Turns Population: 666

10% Elders
[i]The rather conservative leaders. there is no formal induction into the group, just given enough time not dying, one finds themselves naturally being seen more and more as a source of knowledge, until the elders meet, and invite you along, its just kinda automatic at this point..

40% male fishers/farmers
The males, up reaching maturity are responsible for helping the food supply by farming, and spear fishing.

40% Female fishers/mothers
The woman produce children, and raise them, but also join in the spear fishing as well.

10% Kids
They are raised by the woman and to a small degree the men, and are raised form a young age about responsibility to the poeple, and how to spear fish.

~The Rashi~
The rashi live on a very long river. long ago however, they were a people who had been displaced, and the tales of this live on. The current despot leading them is a decendant of a previous despot who decided that they will expand, expand and never let anyone shove them around, and he holds to his ancestors vision. They live in uniform homes placed in defensive structures and are focused heavily on hunting and fighting. One is not a man till one has killed an animal, beaten another in fighting, AND taken a woman. A woman is not a woman till she has a son, then she has SLIGHTLY higher status. They had been a collection of traveling families, but once the people got semi stable situation they could live decently with, one of the families leader - inspired by the current tales of long ago and the creatures of the dark that displaced their ancestors, shifted the focus from survival to domination, and they managed to dominate the other nearby groups, forging the modern Rashi.

Previous Turns Population N/A / Current Turns Fatality Rating: N/A
Total number Who Lived Between Turns: N/A
Total Number Of Deaths between Turns: N/A
Current Turns Population: 668

10% Despot and The high guard
The despot, his family, and the high guard are the ruling apparatus of the Rashi. The despot gives the orders, and the high guard is the police and bodyguard force for the despot.

5% male scouts
The scouts pick promising young men as they finish the three requirements, and induct them into their ranks. If the scouts want you, it would be a insult to the people to say no. They get fairly well trained at survival, and navigation, looking for things of interest to the people, resources, other people, monsters, etc...

40% Woman
They make babies and raise kids. They also handle all the food prep and preservation, and a lot of the non hunting related food gathering.

30% Male hunters/warriors
If you are a male who hit puberty, and have done all of the following: Beaten another male in a fair fight, killed an animal, had sex, you are a man, and join the hunters and begin your training.

5% Incomplete men/hunters
The males who have hit puberty who have not done all three things required of them. Although no official punishment comes to those who take a long time to do all three, the social pressure is....very high.

10% Kids
Young children. They are raised from birth with the understanding that the group is important, and that to die for the group is the best thing they can do. and that there are no better things to do than provide for the people, and protect them by eliminating any threat, be it animal, human, or other.

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PostSubject: Re: Vadalin Demographics Turn#0   Vadalin Demographics Turn#0 EmptyThu Mar 22, 2012 9:54 pm

The Science Page
Standard Info For This Sheet

~The Ghenshe~
The Ghenshe are a group of nomads who came together during the great movement that shook up the area over the last thousand years. They live wandering within an area of shaded woodlands and rivers hunting animals with spears. Ghenshe groups live in mobile encampments guided and governed by a council of elders and the groups have fairly frequent contact with one another.

The nomads way
Language, government and how they move about and manage shelters

LeatherWorking (5), Leather Making(5), Bone Stitching awls(5), leather clothes/bags (5), Teepee (5), Stone axes (5), Human pulled sledges (5), Ghenshe Language (10), Council of elders-psudo totemistic focus (10)

[Leatherworking and primitive sewing/means of attaching the pieces by making holes with bone awls has many applications, some already in use, others in development. The main use the Ghenshe use it for is in making teepes, but clothes and bags to carry things are also in use and very useful for daily life.]
[Wooden poles for both the tents, and sledges - basicly a pulled sled type contraption are a very common tool for this group. The ability to haul things reasonable distances due to the sledges is quite useful, but not as useful as if they had animals to carry or pull.]
[The Genshe language is an Indo-aryan language related to many indian languages, but with a strong indo-european flavoring.]
[Each grouping has a few elders that advise/lead the people, although they do not have a real concept of spirits yet, or shamans, the advice and ideas they come up with are almost always based on the observed behaviors of animals, and they look to the natural world for insights into how to decide things quite a bit.., and people, things, events, and omens are all seem to have guiding animal influences. In time this will likely turn into full blown shamanistic spirit views.]

Food Tech
How the Ghenshe get, and prepare food.

Spears (10), Tracking big game (10), Stealth hunting (10), Fire (5), plant lore (5), medical plant lore (5), Stone Scrapers (5), Stone Knives (5)

[The spears are standard. but their hunting skills include knowing the migration patterns of large animals, and of tracking the signs of the movements of such beasts, specializing in stealthily moving near the prey, then attacking as a group.]
Fire is..well...fire. its hot, and it burns. they cook food with it. the see at night. Fire is thought to be guided by the wolf.
The Ghenshe have a reasonble knowledge of what plants are safe to eat, and some minor medical purposes as well. The medical plants are often dried, and dragged about on the sledges with other important things.
Knives cut, scrapers scrape.

~The Hisar~
The hisar people settled in mixed groups around a great river on the north eastern side of the territory during the great migrations that shook up this area over the past thousand years. They live in peaceful independent villages ruled over by a council of elders. The stress of different people's and cultures colliding in these fertile valleys has pushed them into a diverse practice of hunting, fishing, trapping, and even very basic farming. The core tenet of these villages is peaceful coexistence and settled life. A stark contrast to the distant past where many different peoples jostled for space and lifestyle throughout the area.

Their government and social interaction techs

Hisar Language(10), Council of elders (10)

[The Hisar language is an Indo-aryan language related to many indian languages, but with a strong indo-european flavoring.]
The families intermingle a lot, but there is sometimes some strife or issue. For the most part the elders guide and instruct, solve disputes, its a very stable setup.
Its a VERY stable setup. The culture gets along well enough, but is getting very set in its ways and ruts. It is not changing or evolving very fast, and has no current need to, but its rates of innovation are very minimal.

Village building and defense.
How they build their settlements and protect them from animals.

Wooden buildings/fences (5), Thatch (5), Stone Axes (5), Stone Spears (5)
[The buildings, although rather primitive are effective enough as a shelter, the thatch used as doors, and roofs.]
[Stone axes are not the fastest in the world, but they remove trees well enough.]
[They are shifting more and more to fishing, but still do some hunting, but are much more being focused on fish.]

Food Tech
Tech the Hisar use to gather, prepare, and store food.

Fire (5), Pottery (5), firing pottery (5), Fish Smoking (5), Farming (5), Spear Fishing (12), Knowledge of equinoxes (5), stone knives/scrapers (5), snares (5), deer/etc hunting (5), boats (3)

[Using fire to cook food, preserve fish, and bake clay pots to hold it in all add up to a rather solid food supply for the Hisar.]
[The farming is very basic, crude, but effective. Spear fishing is rather viable right now, as the desity of fish in this river is fairly good.]
[While the Hisar do not have a precise calendar, they know of the equinoxes, have assorted structures to mark/determine these, and have a very rough knowledge of the cycles of seasons that assists their farming.]
knives are used for many purposes, including preparing fish.
Additional food comes from snares to catch small animals, and some men still hunt herd animals like deer/etc.
Their boats are VERY primitive, but are allowing wider travel/hunting.

~The Rashi~
The rashi are warriors and hunters who came into this area near the end of the period of great migrations that shook this area over the past thousand years. They have settled in villages around a long river at the north eastern corner of the area and spent the last several hundred years fighting amongst themselves. Recently a warlord unified the entire area and has them organized in a semi feudal manner as a defense against the creatures of darkness that their legends say chased them out of their ancestral homeland. This warlord and his "bodyguard" travel from village to village collecting "taxes", clearing out dangerous animals, and conducting what limited trade happens between all the villages so as to assure the entire regions prosperity.

Domination culture
The tech/culture of the Rashi who are bent on dominating the world around them.

Rashi Language (12), Despot of destiny feudalism (15), The high guard (10), Scouts (4), Boats (12)
[The Rashi language is an Indo-aryan language related to many indian languages, but with a strong indo-european flavoring.]
[Not quite a monarchy, but the Rachi have a hereditary despotism, and have had for a while now. Each of he different groupings, have a leader, who is a mini despot who is under the chief despot. The people, and the leaders from a young age, are taught, and believe that they are destined for great things, to keep anything or anyone from displacing them, and that this is their right, and proper place in the world, and that the descendents of the despot that conquered and unified all the clans are the only rightful leaders who can make this destiny be fulfilled.]
[A group of very loyal to the despot skilled warriors. A combination bodyguard/police force.]
Although many cultures have scouts, these scouts are a major focus of the society, skilled at traveling for many many moon cycles from the vilklages and returning, they are skilled at navigation and survival. Their goal, quite simply, to explore strange new lands, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before, and bring back information so they may be obliterated and conquered.
Boats are allowing communications/ and control along the entire rive culture. They also allow hunting/gathering groups to travel much further away to get foods.

Food for an army
How the Rashi get and prepare food.

Stone Spears (10), Wolf Pack Hunting (6), Fire (5), Meat drying (5), Leather (5), Plant lore (3), Spear Fishing (5), stone knives/scrapers (3)

[Although the Rashi's spears are not much better than most other cultures at this time, their hunting tactics work very effectively against many foes, and their wolf pack tactics, sometimes surrounding foes, and driving animals o ambushes and traps works very well. A group of Rashi warriors against a target is a rather dim situation for the target.]
[Fire is used for cooking, and drying meat. Dried meat is used for food preservation. Simple leather is used, but mainly for simple bags for the scouts to carry food.]
[Right now, the majority of their plant lore is on the lines of what is safe to eat, and what tastes good.]
Mainly because hunting can only do so much while in a fixed location, spear fishing has been expanding over the years, still very basic, but it is food.

Fortifications of destiny
The structures used to build usefull building and structures.

Stone walls (5)

[Waist high stone walls are a common site around Rashi villages. The walls are patrolled by spear throwing warriors on guard duty]
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Vadalin Demographics Turn#0
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