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 List of what Mortis Goddess of Death wishes too see

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PostSubject: List of what Mortis Goddess of Death wishes too see   Sat May 12, 2012 3:41 pm

A list of what I am studying.

1: The Doughters of Mortis.. What they do, how they do it and what's important to them. I also wish to know what the people ( living and immortal ) say to each other of what the Doughters of Mortis are doing.. Keep it general but do they approve, disapprove, what they might do different

2: The boulders/ crafters ( living or immortal ) I want to know what they are making and what they are making it with.

3: Plants.. I'd like a list of what is growing under the red sky.. Mostly interested in what is or could be food.. But types of trees and such would be nice to know.. And poisonus plants are a must on the list Smile

4: moving living things.. Birds, fish, animals.. I'd like a list of what types of things live under the red sky.. And what could be good sorcess of food for the humans.

5: politics.. How do my people live and are there numbers growing

6: the living and the immortals talk.. I want to know what they say about me and what they want or need from me.

7: and about that talking thing.. I'm intrested in the three dif languages and weather or not there merging and if so is the new languige more complete or more usfull

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List of what Mortis Goddess of Death wishes too see
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