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 Notes On Sakana's Children

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Notes On the Children

~Base Food Need~

37 food per individual (On the food charts this is a size 5 race, with level 8 activity level, average intelligence, and a level 8 environmental adaptability score; it should also be noted that this is a carnivorous species!)

~Combat Values~

500 Security Vs Genetic engineering/Transformation

5000 security points FROM FEAR versus any modification on the races psionics by any player including Sakana. In return fear is paying to allow faster breeding without having to pay for it via a normal drop, if it IS altered fear will drop this from ALL children raising their income reduction by a further 40%. Fear is making this readily apparent to anyone examining the children with a really big sign, it WANTS gods, titans, etc . . . to know WHO did this, and what happens, as fear wants gods to fear IT.

~Starting Psionic Package~

Power level: (500) [from birth action for full breeder & Crazy only], Power Level (250) [From birth action for drone males only, drone females have psionics with no power level], slots (5), Powers (5), Faith Reduction (73%)

Mental/emotional communication

Full Breeders are able to read the surface thoughts and emotions of living things and also project words and emotions to them in such a way as to communicate, not as in such a way as to incapacitate or use emotional projection as a weapon of some sort, just giving someone the general idea of what they are feeling, and feeling themselves exactly what another being is feeling. This means two children communicate on a deeper level than a child and someone of another race as both children will be able to read the others full emotion, while they could only project the IDEA of that emotion to a non child individual. To communicate with someone they need to be within sense range, which includes their mental communication detection ability as listed below though they can send out general shouts to everyone even though their normal form of communication is directed at a specific individual.

Unmated males instead get a full and constant mental linkage with ONE similarly unmated bond mate chosen when they are young and which unlike the species normal communication can cross dimensions, and includes full images, emotions, scents, etc . . . This communication has a range through normal distances of five hundred miles and this can not use alternate dimensions as a way to "cheat" the distance problem. Near the edge of their range the connection becomes shaky and they can tell they are about to leave their range, which is important as being cut off from your bond-mate is a very traumatic thing for a drone male, not as bad as if the mate died, but still very nasty.

Detect Mental Communication

All children of sakana can detect and track down creatures with the ability to use various sorts of mental communication within a quarter mile range, if they are actively using the ability they can detect the communication with a one mile range. This psionic sense allows children to innately know if the mental communication is the type they use - and tell the difference between a breeder and a drone male, and they can learn to recognize various flavors from alien sorts of mental communication such as mind control, animal empathy, human empathy, mind reading, etc. . . over time even to the point of recognizing that this feels similar to race X's empathy ability but is slightly different. They can also use this ability to eventually recognize individuals of a given race, for example recognizing a given child they want to communicate with.

Tell if worships a god/if specifically sakana/if on good terms with sakana

Sakana has a specific power called 'Mark of sakana' that is a low level enchantment that marks a living entity as being on sakana's list of 'don't play too hard with this person'. All of the children have the ability to detect this mark. This mark can be added or removed at the whim of sakana. The knowledge of what this mark means needs to be taught however. Otherwise they just know there is something special about that person.

The children can also detect the connections between a sentient entity and any deities or deity type beings that they worship and thus grant power to. They innately can tell what a connection to sakana feels like, but would have to learn what the others are. They can tell that connections to other gods are different, but would not know what deity or deity like entity they are connected to until they learn what is what. This power also includes being able to detect the intensity level, but not at fine detail. more like being able to tell a fanatic from a devout worshiper, or a normal worshiper and a borderline one. Also, supernatural beings whose very existence requires the upkeep from a god, would have that link register to this sense as well. It would be very different from a normal worshiper connection, and what connection goes to who would have to be learned.

Change/modify/warp living flesh at range

Sakana's children have not only the ability, but a general artist type drive, to warp animals into new shapes. This is painful for the living thing, but generally not instantly fatal and the ability is directly related to all sorts of healing abilities. They can mend, twist, warp, and cause bones to grow into odd shapes, they can open and close cuts in the flesh, or instinctively reroute blood vessels, internal organs, etc . . . As this IS related to healing abilities they can NOT use it as an attack the ability instinctively makes a version of the creature that CAN function however painfully. So if you have open cuts that are endlessly bleeding the ability would cut these wounds off from the general blood stream, and begin producing and pumping blood within a small vessel directly connected to the cut. It is thus very easy for these beings to learn skills in torture, surgery, cosmetic shaping, etc . . . This ability is ranged they need to be able to see the target, and can not effect animals beyond 100 feet. Merging animals together is possible and they will have a working system with this power, but will retain their own intellect and will not actually share the same blood system or digestive system where blood poisoning or organ rejection could happen.

Change/modify/warp dead flesh at range

Sakana's children also have the ability to warp dead flesh and bone molding and shaping it into new forms as if it were pliable clay and letting it set where they want it to be. Once they are done the dead flesh be it bone, or decaying organs will continue to behave as they normally would, they just have a new and different shape. This ability also is ranged and works on any dead matter within 100 feet of the child. Note this is dead organic matter, if someone makes a living rock and you kill it that does NOT count, it must reasonably count as an organic animal, so dead wood still does not count for this power either.

~Description Of The Race~

Drone Females

The drone female is the base form from which the entire race derives it's shape. Drones are three foot tall grey scaled humanoids. They have large webbed feet like a duck and gigantic webbed hands that resemble fins rest at the end of very short arms. The creature is able to distend both its jaw and its stomach (its bones are thin, strong, and very flexible) to enormous size, allowing it to swallow prey up to twice as large as its entire body and like a snake often spends up to a week after a "kill" resting and digesting it's food. Strong stomach juices digest the flesh, while the indigestible bones, teeth, fur, and feathers are compacted into oval pellets that the child excretes after it's feeding period is completed.

A central head rises from the body with no sign of a neck and is dominated by a gigantic mouth that extends all around the entire anterior circumference of the head both jaws are armed with bands of long pointed teeth, which are inclined inwards, and can be depressed so as to offer no impediment to an object gliding towards the stomach but do not allow for something to be pulled out of the mouth. Two gigantic fishy eyes rest on either side of this head and the creatures lack binocular vision. A Mohawk like row of long sharp spines grow from the top of the creatures head and these can be moved about at will. At the top of these spines are hollow places filled with bio-luminescent liquid that provide it with light at night or in deep water. This glow cannot be turned off, but instead involuntarily modulates based on her emotions at the time. The drones are nocturnal and see better in the water than on land. On land clear eyelids close to correct for the distortion caused by a lack of water between them and their prey, but they can't see more than 100 feet away from them. In water this problem vanishes and they have excellent low light vision. Children are nocturnal and are blinded by bright lights such as the sun or fires. If they must be out during the day they prefer to be in buildings or under the cover of water or the jungle canopy.

Drone females are no smarter than the average dog and have the instincts of fish. They use their psionics to communicate and take orders from more intelligent members of the species, and also to warp the shape of prey entering their mouth so as to avoid issues with long legs or other inconvenient shapes that would cause problems to an animal with similar feeding habits such as a snake. On land the drone female waddles slowly and seems unsteady on her feet, but in the water she is both fast and graceful. All forms are amphibious having both human lungs and gills inside their mouths that allow for breathing under water. At the back of their lungs rests a powerful pump that allows for the creature to quickly empty it's "lungs" of water after swimming thus preventing them from drowning after emerging onto land.

As with all amphibious species has severe health issues if they don't keep their skin moist at all times and you will never see these animals in an environment that is not at the very least swampy and humid though they prefer sea shores and river banks to any other kind of territory. They also need a warm temperature to stay healthy and will quickly become sick outside of a tropical or Mediterranean climate area, actual cold weather will quickly kill these creatures as will extremely dry hot weather as might be found in a desert.

Drone Males

As children males form into telepathically bonded hunting pairs in order to track down and bond with the much larger immature female. Pairs who do not succeed in this endeavor instead use their embrionic psionic powers to mold small fish into a single larger mass of flesh and bone which they can attach to. From this point the drone male develops over time into a six foot tall humanoid form with long legs and arms attached to a smaller body. These males have human-like heads and eyes that are adapted to life on land during the day though their head spines provide them with a flashlight at night, this 'flashlight', unlike the one the Un-mated females have, can be turned on and off at will. They run quickly over the shore hunting down prey with easy, but are less agile in the water. As noted previously the drone males lack the females ability to communicate mentally, instead retaining a permanent bond to their childhood partner for the rest of their lives. Each member of the pair has full human intelligence and shares information with it's bond-mate. These creatures have a natural facility for learning human languages and can speak most any human language by distorting their highly flexible mouths into odd shapes. If a males bond-mate ever dies the remaining male goes violently and permanently insane with an immediate urge to avenge his mates death.


The fully intelligent breeder is the "normal" form for the race and it resembles the drone female in almost every way. The difference is that these "females" have had immature males latch parasitically onto each side of their head. These males grow into rounded growths forming a curved shape sliding down from the side of the females head to it's shoulders. Each male provides an extra fishy eye facing to the front and back of the body giving the breeder binocular vision both in front and behind them, while retaining the females natural eyes at each side of "her" head. This allows the creature to see in all directions at once. Eyesight is similar to that of the drone female in that these creatures are nocturnal and have limited vision range on land and excellent vision in the water. They also have lights on the female Mohawk, just like the untamed female, except, unlike her, they have the mental capacity to control it at will.

The breeder has warped her urge to mate into an artistic urge to use their psionic power to artistically reshape living things into useful tools, interesting artwork, etc . . . As breeders have males attached they never need to mate, instead they have an urge to "swim" starting at puberty and increasing as their internal egg sacks fill. Most eggs sent out by the breeder are infertile drones who will never grow into a full child, but instead develop into fish similar to the common carp but sharing the temperature needs of the child itself. A female breeder will lay millions of these eggs every year giving rise to a sterile population of fish who often form the base for the local food chain and provide a steady supply of food for the breeders own young. The breeder will actually breed children at three random points in her life spewing forth hundreds of eggs at a time mixed in amongst the millions of "Milk fish" eggs she normally produces after puberty. These eggs start the life cycle of the full species as described in the section labeled "Reproduction".


Very rarely a lone, insane, immature male will manage to latch onto an immature female. The result of such a union is an abomination known as a crazy. These creatures are fully intelligent females who grow to the size of a drone male who is generally a psychopath and may have the crazy lone male's urge to kill and mutilate fully in place, but may be completely able to function. These animals are, obviously, a menace to anything or anyone they come across.

~Life Cycle & Reproduction~

The children start their life as small, jelly-like, eggs floating in vast numbers within the ocean or river along with millions of other eggs from other life forms and even the eggs of "milk fish" sent out by their own parents. This reproductive soup is one of the bases for the marine ecosystem and many types of marine life feed on these eggs. A child remains an egg for 6-8 weeks before they hatch at which point they become fry, small young fish, for about one year. The fry are camouflaged by vertical stripes and hunt other small fish and eggs within the aquatic environment.

After one year the fry develop into "parr", during this period the children have rudimentary psionic ability and male children bond together, and can form repeated bonds if their partners die. Females in turn experience massive growth and gain the ability to sense the telepathic communication engaged in by the males who will soon become a danger to them in the water. Males can grow to a length of up to six inchers, while females grow to up to a foot in length during this period. Both males and females at this stage feed primarily on "milk fish" though they will also eat any smaller fish they can entrap.

Children stay par for up to one year before they begin to become "Smolt" and gain an actual urge to mate while females will gain a second growth spurt taking them up to two feet in length and begin to hunt larger marine life around them for food. Males at this point will not be able to find another bonds-mate and will begin to hunt females to attach to. The smolt period lasts for one year with tiny males parasitically attaching to the larger females.

At the end of the "smolt" period children begin to enter their adult stage. Males who have not managed to attach to a female will attach to balls of merged together fish and begin to feed from that ball as they transform into male drones. Females will keep hunting and slowly transform into female drones. Females with only one male attached will develop into crazies, while those with two males succeed in becoming the next generation of breeders to start this cycle over again.

Adults of all types immediately have an instinct to join together with others of their kind in "schools" like fish and share meals as they continue to hunt for larger fish, amphibians, reptiles, and anything else that makes the water it's home. Schooling children, like fish, respond quickly to changes in the direction and speed of their neighbors. Anyone who has swum in a school of fish can attest to their ability to change direction swiftly while still retaining their closely knit swimming pattern. They can move from one configuration to another and then regroup almost as one unit.

When young, most fish species do not exhibit the schooling pattern. As they mature, they begin to swim in pairs and then in larger and larger clusters until they attain the classic parallel pattern. Thus, schooling can be said to be a formed behavior pattern imprinted on the genetic material. Research leads us to believe that as the sense organs of the young mature, their schooling behavior strengthens. The first sense used is that of sight, which begins to function immediately after birth to allow for feeding. Fish eyes cannot focus directly forward because they are located on the sides of the head. This placement does, however, permit the eyes to be especially sensitive to lateral movement—a very helpful attribute in schooling. The fish can see what other members of the school are doing in relationship to themselves and respond accordingly.

Even as adults children use their ability to sense one another to nearly instinctively retain certain relationships to others within their social group, and the ability of breeders to see in all directions makes them even more prone to this phenomenon than others, and indeed often leads them to be focal points in the resulting patterns. . Unlike actual fish however they retain human intelligence, social patterns, and hierarchies which tends to complicate the instinctive fish geometric placement as they must adjust and stretch out their absolute locations so as to perform functions that would be foreign to an actual fish mind. However when they get too far out of synch with the schooling pattern they begin to feel uncomfortable and will ALL try to move so as to relieve the tension without actually ruining the tasks they need to accomplish.

A school of children may number into the thousands and if you were looking at a child "city" from above you would see the entire structure moving in apparent, unthinking unison to maintain set distances between children as they individually do specific tasks. You'll never see two children getting to close to one another or touching, they won't be comfortable spending much time together working as a group within a small space and instead might use another domesticated species to perform such tasks.

So long as no two groups of children are more than a mile from each other they will always tend to school and move in harmony with one another without thinking about it or even realizing it. Within this network their communication ability forms a much shorter range type of natural "internet" connection between the full breeders.

As a side note, due to their constant 'mental internet', the breeders will often share dreams. Also, the non fertile male pairs will frequently share dreams with each other as well. When calculating the birth rate for this race us the following equation:

((Starting population -(Starting population * .40 = number of breeders) * (growth rate for race with 25 year life span due to deal with fear even though they have human life span) = TOTAL Births + Starting population = CHILDREN WHO LIVED [PWL]
PWL * fatality rate = Number of natural deaths (NOND) [75% of these deaths will be as eggs or fish in every generation fatality rate is also as per a race that lives 25 years, part of that die off is from self predation and predation from "milk fish" on the smallest forms, and some may be siphoned off to create splinter communities due to eggs/fry being torn away by currents or weather patterns, at least 25% is from natural hazards players could in theory eliminate or minimize.]
PWL - NOND - (any other deaths) = People alive right now
60% = breeders/20% = drone males/17% = drone females/3% = crazies [This is the general break up of the species into it's four "sexes" once eggs reach adulthood]
[Note the math here may change as we run it through simulations into the future]
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Notes On Sakana's Children
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