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 Player Notes

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~Player Notes~
This is a section set up for the player to take notes on their ideas and how they think their turns may progress. It may be a mess, or an interesting adjunct to reading the actual turns later depending on how well, and if, the players keep their records.
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Turn 1:

Birth Action.

I am Taeuvanshu, God of Travelers. I have created a Shadowland comprised of three levels.

The First level is a summoning level. No sentient being can occupy this level, this level is not subject to influence from outside sources. It cannot be corrupted. You get from it what you put in. As you slaughter a lion or a gazelle or an elephant or any other wild beast of the lands, you can commit their souls to the First level and recall them as Shadowbeasts to do your bidding for a period of time. Their mission on the First level is limited to 500 years, after that they spend the rest of their lives on the Third level, the Afterlife. Beings in the Afterlife care very little for the troubles of living souls, and perhaps they're jealous. Souls in the Afterlife are incredibly knowledgeable, but not always ready to share their knowledge. It is important to note that when the Foundation of the Shadowlands is threatened, the Beasts from all levels are summoned to defend against the threat. This necessarily includes all Beasts.

To conjure weapons or beasts from the First Level, you must own a scripture or image of that tool. If you are the person who inducted that beast or tool into the First Level, you can summon it at any time. You can also teach your progeny to summon weapons and beasts of your making. Heirloom beasts and weapons are very powerful, more powerful than creations shared by the Shadow Walkers at large. Heirloom beasts and weapons carry a persona that make them very adept at the purposes for which they were created.

The Fischer have already been making their houseboats from reed and mud. Now I grant them the ability to turn the mud into impenetrable building matter. The Fischer are granted in a special way in that entire flotillas can be teleported anywhere that there is water. The special omen (they say a prayer to Taeuvanshu every morning) and sigul they fly on their boats allows them to teleport anywhere that there is water. The sigul they fly on their flags is a triangle inside of a circle. Fischer can come inland every 500 years to give absolution at the temple. The direction of inlets and rivers and pathways changes many times that only truly great travelers of Fischer can find the temple, nothing from the previous generational exodus can lead them correctly, only the general collective will bring them to the Temple.

More about the Flussdorf/Laufendorf later. Everybody must make their trek to the Temple, otherwise they don't get their abilities.
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Player Notes
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