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 Pricing for mortis & Mu in New System

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Pricing for mortis & Mu in New System Empty
PostSubject: Pricing for mortis & Mu in New System   Pricing for mortis & Mu in New System EmptySun Jul 08, 2012 2:08 am

Mortis/Birth Action/Turn Zero
This prices the specified action for the player during a given turn for example action 1 of turn ten for the player Moron wold be Moron/Action 1/Turn 1.

Mortis' birth action is very complex and includes many sub actions which we will call "pages" to continue with our normal action/paragraph/sentence paradigm. It's entire purpose however is to completely alter the nature of the god, limiting his actions in some respects, and providing him with extra powers in others. I will further summarize each page and sentence as I price it.

~Area Of effect~
This page prices the cost for mortis to have a growing area of effect. Areas of effect are special because they replace the area/volume descriptor for a wide number of other things happening within the action and often are ongoing defined spaces that further actions could reference.

EFFECT: Area of effect (5,000/6,400) [sets up an area of effect that expands once a turn, can expand an infinite amount of times, and requires a physical locus to tie down each expansion.]
DESCRIPTOR: Volume (3,249) [This adds cost for the area of effects initial volume which is 100 miles by 100 miles by 4 miles inlcluding 2 miles up, 1 mile below grown, and 1 mile of water so mortis can effect into lakes, oceans, and such.]
DESCRIPTOR: Volume (3,600/3,600/2,249/3,249) [prices a ring of volumes that define the initial ring of expansion around the first area of growth. In this case it's 2 100X300X4 areas, and two 100X100X4 areas]
INITIAL TOTAL: 26,347 [Ouch this is starting out expensive, good thing it's a birth action and the player doesn't have to pay this!]
PAGE MODIFIER: Template ( 160%) [A template that actually allows for the growth of the area of effect and defines the style of that expansion, in this case ring growth. Without this the area of effect would have the potential to grow somehow but most likely the player would have to pay a huge cost every time he wanted to expand it to pay for every ring of growth!]
FINAL PAGE TOTAL: 68,502 [This is the final total cost for this part of the action]
PAGE RESERVE COST: 685 [This is the reserve cost the player would have to pay each turn doing this as a birth action. If it had been a regular action it would be much more expensive, still I'm glad he bargained for a further reduction in this cost as it's DEVASTATING!]

~Internal Actions~
This is a complex page as it governs several different effects that are continually happening within the given area of effect.


Mortis is shifting all the light in the area dynamically into the red/yellow spectrum so that there is an eternal twilight which acts like a grow lamp without burning up the plants growing below. She's also adding and subtracting water from the area dynamically so as to create near constant rain and fog effects throughout the area of effect. It's rather spooky.

EFFECT: Gather Information (150) [Gathers information about the light and water conditions within the entire area of effect for further use in programs to further modify how actions within this paragraph works]
EFFECT: Transmute (10) [Transforms light to light altering everything into the red spectrum as it enters mortis' area of effect.]
EFFECT: Create (12) [allows this paragraph to create normal liquid safely if needed.]
EFFECT: Destroy(12) [Also allows this paragraph to destroy normal liquid safely if needed, the player is really trying to control how much liquid is in his area and how it looks.]
DESCRIPTOR: Program (20) [controls light being shaded towards red/yellow end of the spectrum like a grow light without burning the plants up, also controls the amount of water added to the atmosphere or taken out of the ground/water/air for a fairly constant cloud cover/drizzle/fog effect. In this case we are using the area of effect previously defined to provide our volume and this program modifies things within it in a complex manner]
DESCRIPTOR: Weight (297) [On average 64,174 billion gallons of water fall as rain onto the united states every year, mortis can create or destroy about this much water per expansion as weather/rain effects maintaining an average amount of percipitation similar to that of your average well watered american state. We must add this in because area of effect only defines a volume, and our only programs only define placement within that volume, but they do not define the actual weight of water being effected.]
Initial Paragraph Total: 501

Mortis is giving up the ability to read her people's minds and know what they know. This is her alternative way of gathering data and she shares it with supernatural creatures she has made a deal for called her "daughters". She also uses this information to craft a holographic copy of her area as an illusion within her afterlife area allowing her dead spirits to thus "see" what is happening within the real world if they remain within that area.

EFFECT: Gather Data (100/100/100/100/100) [Getting sensory data nobody knows about within the area, one price for each type of data sight, sound, smell, hearing, touch, taste]
EFFECT: Sensory (100) [the daughters get all this sensory data as if they were actually there, completely realistic when/if they want it]
EFFECT: Sensory (15/95) [Projects an illusion of the entire area of effect into mortis' afterlife]
DESCRIPTOR: Program (56) [give the data to the daughter(s) only when and where it is asked for and give only the info asked for, Mortis also gets when/if she wants to focus her attention on it.]

Mortis wants to steal all the souls, even of non worshipers, within his area of effect if possible. He also will be judging all souls in her afterlife and all supernatural beings created by those souls once every hundred years.

EFFECT: Gather Information (100) [information is gathered about who just died, which supernatural just turned into a soul at its 100 year mark, and which souls in the afterlife also need to get their 100 year judgement, also gathers information about if those souls are worthy of the choice or need to be destroyed by mortis' criteria.]
EFFECT: Motion (20/100/12) [Move soul to afterlife if it's not already there stealing someone else' souls isn't free, nor is moving souls into and out of the afterlife dynamically after death.]
EFFECT: Destroy (300) [destroy soul safely gathering all ritual point energy into soul battery]
EFFECT: Sensory (45/100) [illusion of heaven/hell/mortis judging, etc . . . mortis is a sneaky bastard]
DESCRIPTOR: Entity Type (6/22) [mortis wants all the souls, up to and including hive mind souls and giant dinosaur souls so long as they are sentient]
DESCRIPTOR: program (2) [see soul, take soul, rinse/repeat]
DESCRIPTOR: program (48) [judge the souls, give well judged souls a choice of skeleton/demon/normal soul, also destroy those that fail or which choose to move on]

All skeletons look roughly the same. They have all their ribs like a woman, and are six foot tall with broad shoulders and narrow hips like a muscular man. Only the features of their skull tells one skeleton from the next as they retain their own skull. Skeletons are not made of bone though, but of a supernatural substance that looks like a shiny black stone. They are held together and move by the power of the god which manifests as a sheen of green light that dances over the surface of the bone, and sparks like (perfectly harmless) green lightning between the joints where the bones touch or where pieces of bone have been damaged or destroyed. Over time this energy will regenerate the material at about the same rate it would take a human to heal from a cut o the same severity, complete regeneration is possible here though as each small bit of "damage" is healed in turn over months or years of time. Damage to the skeleton does not hurt but instead gives them a feeling of cold that grows more or less intense depending on the damage. They have no sense of taste or smell but see, hear, and feel much as a human would. Skeletons do not need to eat, sleep, nor breath, and indeed aren't physically equipped for any of that.

Each skeleton can lift and carry up to 200 pounds of weight, and run/swim at twice the speed of a mere human. The minds of a skeleton have perfect recall, and they don't have the real capacity to get frustrated or develop a headache from intense thought. Instead they get pleasure from running or swimming, and from thinking about a problem. They are mechanically inclined and get physical pleasure from thinking about how the world works, which is increased during debate, or when they are teaching others what they know. They are scholarly beings and also get pleasure from learning new things and enjoy being around humans.

Skeletons lack the ability to speak, lacking a tongue or voice box, but communicate with one another, with humans, and with other supernatural creatures using a sight ranged mental communication power which can extend up to 500 feet if contact is maintained after line of sight is lost, within this range they also understand anything said to them. All the powers of a skeleton are maintained by a single 250 power level. This gives them higher protection against any one thing being overwhelmed but makes them more vulnerable to multiple attacks on their powers at the same time.

EFFECT: Destroy (3) [destroys the original persons skeleton in an interesting way, dangerous destruction option used so that the bones literally vanish leaving a vacuum that pulls the flesh inward and downward, and the persons body suddenly becomes a mess of goo and blood!]
EFFECT: Create (0/0/15/0/0/10/75) [creates and shapes the material for the new creature/a new skeleton forms above the fleshy goop of the corpse seeming to rise out from it as it forms with lower portions being created after upper parts so the new entity seems to rise from the goop below.]
EFFECT: Supernatural Creature (160/180/50/350/1,600) [defines the basic physical and mental makeup of a stone skeleton sheathed in "telekinetic" energy,and that they can be made from any sentient soul including a hive mind soul]
DESCRIPTOR: Entity Type ( 18/8 ) [effecting the creation of a supernatural humanoid)
DESCRIPTOR: weight (50/0) [a skeleton weighs between one and two hundred pounds of physical matter, no liquid]
MODIFIER: Time (+20%, +0) [The judgement paragraph makes a soul available to become a skeleton for one hundred years, at the end of that time the effect reverse and the skeleton reverts to a soul again, which is again judged, and may then again rise out of any dead body in the area as either a demon or a skeleton, or may return to the spirit world for a century as a spirit that looks like a skeleton.]
MODIFIER: Template (+40%) [this is a race of supernatural creatures being created]
FINAL PRICE: (4,030)
Paragraph Reserve Cost: 40

Demons are the physical branch of Mortis' general supernatural population. They have a semblance of their mortal selves if they were a human (if they weren't human to begin with), but with the age adjusted up or down so they all look to be in their early twenties. The bodies are physically perfected versions of the persons own body, but the face remains the same, they are never overweight or too thin but if you had a horse face in life you become a horse faced demon. Also all demons are anatomically correct, they have all the required body parts and can enjoy good food, sex, whatever just as a human could, but they are immune to STD's and they never get fat or zits, or anything like that. They also have red skin, prehensile tails, and two jet black little horns poking out of their foreheads.

A demon doesn't HAVE to breath, and only needs to eat or sleep half as much as a human being would. They have no internal organs and if they are cut they ooze hot red magma. Otherwise they are the same temperature as a human being. Cut them open and look inside and it's just mystical magma though and you could get burnt. Like the skeletons they heal and even regrow limbs slowly over time with the end of a limb oozing magma that slowly forms into new flesh regenerating over weeks or even years. They can keep going even with a deep gash in the chest covered over with a hot magma scar that is slowly filling in with "flesh".

Demons can lift up and carry up to 800 pounds and communicate with the same sort of mental communication that the skeletons use letting them talk to any sentient being. As with the skeletons they have 250 points devoted to all their special powers such as the healing, lifting, communication, and hot magma effect. Demons like physical exertion, exercise, fighting, wrestling, sports, it all feels good to them, they also enjoy food, drink, sex, all the pleasures of life with each other or with humans.

EFFECT: Destroy (3) [destroy the original persons bones in an interesting and destructive way, dangerous option used, the person simply implodes leaving a mess of flesh and blood goop behind.]
EFFECT: Create (0/0/15/0/0/10/75) [A new demon is created rising up above the mess of goop just as a new skeleton might have been in the previous paragraph.
EFFECT: Supernatural Creature (160, 180, 50, 350/1,600) [defines the basic physical and mental makeup of a demon with hot lava-like insides,and that they can be made from any sentient soul including a hive mind soul, also defining that they can be created by the judgement effect previously defined.]
DESCRIPTOR: Entity Type ( 18,8 ) [effecting the creation of a supernatural humanoid]
DESCRIPTOR: weight (50,61) [a demon weighs between one and two hundred pounds of physical matter, and 18 gallons of hot liquid weighing another 150 pounds for a total weight of 350 pounds for every demon]
MODIFIER: Time (+20%, +0) [The judgement paragraph makes a soul available to become a skeleton for one hundred years, at the end of that time the effect reverse and the skeleton reverts to a soul again, which is again judged, and may then again rise out of any dead body in the area as either a demon or a skeleton, or may return to the spirit world for a century as a spirit that looks just like a demon.]
MODIFIER: Template (+40%) [this is a race of supernatural creatures being created]
FINAL PRICE: (4,128)
Paragraph Reserve Cost: 41

This price was part of the birth action deal and elements of that deal effect the costs and must be defined briefly here or the final costs won't make any sense.

  • Mortis gets no Interupts and can't act outside a 1 year period at the beginning of each turn.
  • Mortis gets no actual data from his people at all
  • Mortis gets free "daughters" sentient souls clothed in the illusion of a perfected form of their physical body and able to use touch ranged telekinis, see everything in his area as he does (priced
    elsewhere) and able to teleport around his area at will, he gets ONE of these for every ring of expansion and if one is destroyed he loses a ring of expansion. Once every hundred years mortis inhabits
    the "body" of one of these spirits and can use it's physical, but not communication, powers, all communication however lame it seems must be paid for as part of this deal. This part of the deal
    includes selecting daughters and killing them in a spectacular way.
  • Mortis has starting reserve costs for all this reduced by a further 50% rounded down in return for giving up the interupts/additional action limits as I consider that a major concession, he gets a further 5% decrease for loss of worshiper data as I feel he has not completely replaced that, and that his replacement costs so should provide some overall discount for a total reduction to these reserve costs of 55%.
  • Mortis' supernatural creatures can not leave his area of effect, mortis gets a 20% discount to future costs to actions in his area of effect, and a 20% increase in costs for actions taken outside that area of effect.
    Though mortis can create supernatural creatures outside the area of effect, at the higher cost, these unique creatures MADE outside of the area can never enter it without instantly being destroyed.

These are the final costs and reserve costs neatly placed at the bottom for easy reference

Area of Effect Initial Reserve Cost: 308
Internal Actions Initial Reserve Cost: 8
Skeleton Initial Reserve cost: 18
Demons Initial Reserve Cos: 19

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Pricing for mortis & Mu in New System Empty
PostSubject: Re: Pricing for mortis & Mu in New System   Pricing for mortis & Mu in New System EmptySun Jul 08, 2012 6:10 am

Mu/Birth Action/Turn One


Mu's action is fairly simple and breaks up into two separate segments. He's creating an underground world using vast tracts of supernatural vegetation.

~Mu's living Defense~
This defines a plant-like supernatural creature that lives in the darkness away from the sun, growing and breeding in a set way as it squeezes its way along to dominate the hallways and passages of vast underground cavern systems, and which has a separate "spines" that reach the surface far above and pose as trees, grass, and other natural surface plant life. No physical connection needs to exist between the creatures and it's spines. It is described as follows in conversation with the player:

Inside the tunnels the entire area is held up by a supporting latice of thick rubber like moss. This "moss lattice" stretches out into the mountain connecting magically to "trees" on the surface which serve as hidden venting ducts to take out excess water, nasty gasses, and exess heat, while also bringing back up heat from far below to maintain an even temperature in the tunnel/cavern itself even if the area around it is molten lava or icy mountaintop near the edge of space.

Inside this moss area are hidden stinging thorns that shoot out in numbers at people who behave or think violently, injecting people with neurotoxin; the amount of the toxin ranging depending on the strength of the hostility varying from simply knocking you out, to paralizing you, to causing death by suffocation due to paralization of the lungs/heart. The moss reacts to people harming one another, so you can still kill a rabbit or a mammoth, or a cave bat, but if you decide to hit joe with a club and force yourself on his wife . . . it's stinger time!

Inside this lattice naturally grows a smaller more normal "magical" moss that glows with a light like the sun. This moss propagates via airborne spores carried by the wind and grow anywhere that has little light, or lots of shadows, too much light retards it's growth, and actual sunlight destroys it. This moss sends out spores that spread via wind and spread it throughout the connected cavern areas. Below where the moss grows there are overlapping cones of peace. Within these cones people can feel any harm they do to others and are calmed down, it becomes hard to become really angry, confused, etc . . . and it's easy to think rationally and consider your actions with care. The cones most likely completely cover the smaller caverns and tunnels, though there may be areas not covered in the largest caverns where mastodon roam on the enclosed plains. These spores are the initially colonizing mechanism and when enough of them reach an area not covered by lattice a new creature will quickly mature into that area.

It has been clarified that the peace effect is magical, not a drug, and effects any sentient being. It also is not something that will prevent you from hunting a rabbit or a mastadon, it won't even prevent you from killing another person, it just means you fully understand what your doing and feel that creature or person's pain while doing it. People won't enter the cavern and suddenly become all dopey and not want to leave, or eat, or something stupid like that.

Also the zone of peace has a secondary effect that messes with machinery used by non worshipers, and zaps people wearing metal armor if they are non worshipers and start behaving violently.

EFFECT: Supernatural Creature (40/280/50/80/1,600) [This is a truly gigantic rubber moss-like creature with "spines" it is connecting to on the surface that help it do effective climate control. Each creature defines up to 1 square mile of cavern space, and eventually mu might have billions of them, all acting together instinctively as a single hive mind.]
EFFECT: Supernatural Creature (40/280/50/80/1,600)[Growing within the latices, and only within those latices is a glowing green moss entity which dynamically grows in a pattern of light and shadow covering walls and ceiling, but not the floor, anywhere light doesn't reach. This creature provides a glow equivalent to sunlight that retards it's own growth too close to other patches of itself. All of this moss within a single lattice counts as a single hive creature and has a collective consciousness. This hive sends down overlapping zones within mu's area allowing sentient beings beings to think more clearly and rationally, suppressing anger, confusion, etc. . . while allowing sentient beings to understand any harm they cause to other sentient beings, or to other animals. It also has a "gremlin" effect that causes machinery used by non worshipers to malfunction in the cave system and randomly sends electrical shocks through any metal armor or weapons held by violent non-worshipers.]
EFFECT: Add Combat Values (0/350/1000/2,200) [this adds 250 protection points to the main moss preventing the lattice and glowing mosses in the caverns from being simply burned up or chopped away by explorers, it adds 250 points of security versus spells trying to clear away the moss,it adds 250 security points versus gods trying to directly effect the moss, it adds 500 points of power level to all the mystical effects the moss has to do.]
DESCRIPTOR: Entity Type (20/20) [This is a truly massive and powerful supernatural being with lots of things it's doing ranging from gas and liquid control, to temperature control, to sensing sentient intent versus other sentient creatures, to attacking with stinging spines filled with powerful toxins enough to immobilize or even kill a sentient being if they are misbehaving towards another sentient being.]
DESCRIPTOR: Area & Volume (216) [This defines the area of volume encased within the lattice work of a single creature, in this case a 1 mile by 1 mile by 1 mile cube of underground tunnels and dirt.]
CONTROL: Program (6) [This is a simple program that causes the creatures to breed and expand through new cave systems as they are excavated or broken into by mu's people, also into enclosed spaces like basements, but not onto the surface or into areas of intense sunlight, even sunlight created by other moss. This program also helps the species instinctively handle the climate control effects, and know when to send out stingers, use it's "gremlin effect" ability on hostile non worshipers, or randomly shock metal items held by hostile non worshipers.]
CONTROL: Divine Guidance (320) [Connects the moss creatures to Mu himself, they get info as to who is a worshiper or not from him, and also pull a lot of technical data from him on weather, climate, air composition needed, etc . . . to do their job.]
CONTROL: Codex (280) [This is a highly responsive codex that takes info gathered by the moss itself, gotten from the god, and provided initially within the codex itself, so as to dynamically help keep all of this working the way MU needs it to.]

PAGE MODIFIER: Limited (-8%) [The creatures only grow underground and can never spread up onto the surface. This is a rather minor limit placed on where they can exist and how they can grow. It's unlikely to bother the player or really get in the way of his plans, but it is something he has to consider. Outside of his caverns their is no lattice on say the mountainside controlling the climate above and/or stinging people who misbehave only the "ventilation spines" exist on the surface. Spores and lattice are both destroyed by direct natural sunlight.]
PAGE MODIFIER: Template ( 40%) [This template defines a growing race of supernatural creatures]
PAGE BASE RESERVE COST (112) [this is the reserve cost for just one of the creatures, Mu will be starting with a lot larger population than that covering his entire underground world so he should expect a lot higher starting reserve cost than this.]

~Mu's call~
Whenever the area covered by the creatures designed in the previous area reaches a cave entrance and encounters sunlight for the first time Mu wants to send out a call in a 100 mile radius around the new opening summoning people who fit his criteria down into the depths of his underground world. The criteria is simple, Mu wants people who don't fit in with or like the gods and/or culture they are living in, and who are peaceful, who seek refuge from violence and strife.

In addition to this Mu also wants to cover these cave entrances with an illusion that makes them easy to overlook, and a similar effect is placed on those called making it easy for gods and people to overlook someone, or even a lot of people leaving an heading towards the caves. The call will also be endlessly going off just within the cave opening, and a similar effect will make it uncomfortable for those who do NOT fit the criteria set forth by mu to stay within, or even consider venturing deeper into this realm.

EFFECT: Gather Information (10) [This effect gathers information that Mu's creatures "know", basically the fact that there is an opening here that reaches out onto the surface, not into another cavern, or some other sunlight effect, but out looking up eventually into real sky, be it a cave opening, or the top of a gaping pit that leads down into Mu's world. Thus the call may go forth pulling people to some pretty dangerous spots but . . . ooops.]
EFFECT: Gather information: (100) [this gathers the information needed to guide each person/being called by mu to an area of his underground world that needs settlers and where he/she/it has a good chance of fitting in and not sparking a war or something unintentionally.]
EFFECT: Gather Information (100) [This effect gathers information in a 100 mile radius around any cave opening, learning things we do not know, such as who fit's mu's criteria. This effect also is always going on just inside the cave opening and within that first square mile defined by the critter who is touching the surface.]
EFFECT: Soul Manipulation (30/45/14/10) [The call is a programming that alters the person causing them to do something they may have wanted to do; leave their given situation, but actually pulling them along and forcing them to go somewhere they don't know about without really understanding why they are doing it, and somehow though it feels right and peaceful, not like mind rape or anything.]
EFFECT: Sensory (45/55) [This illusion makes the caves easy to overlook, they blend into their environment, the opening seems small, or perhaps like it's just a shadow, maybe not there at all, other things around the cave are enhanced so that your distracted from looking at it.]
DESCRIPTOR: Communication (0/0/36) [Uses the illusion to communicate to the watcher that this isn't important, you don't want to come here if your not called, you have better things to do than investigate this cave]
DESCRIPTOR: Area/volume (5,832) [Defines a volume around a cave opening 100X100X100 cubic miles in area for the call to effect, also communicates the idea that you don't want to be here, you don't like it, you feel afraid, go away, to people entering the cave that are not good settlers for mu.]
CONTROL: Program (10) [This program is complex it sends out the call and picks those who the call should effect, and those it should not, then it guides them not just to the cave entrance, but deep into the caverns so they safely enter decent part of mu's underground world where settlers are needed. I won't be adding a codex here as the gather information effects provide all the needed data in real time.]
PAGE MODIFIER: Template ( 5%)


Initial Reserve Cost for Mu's Mosses: 112
Initial Reserve Cost for Mu's Call/Illusions: 66
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Pricing for mortis & Mu in New System
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